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About Snap Send Report

Snap Send Report was created to establish a fast and simple emergency information delivery system for the community to work directly with law enforcement with the goal to help to keep our communities safer.

People need a fast and easy way to locate law enforcement wherever they are at or wherever their travel destination is. With our Law Enforcement directory we have filled that need, making it fast and easy to locate and communicate with law enforcement across the United States and we are adding departments globally.

The Snap Send system impowers users deliver information anonymously to law enforcement. 

The power of fast information delivery is in your hand to,

Transfer files, pictures, videos, or voice recording to the needed departments.

Search Sex Offenders in your area.

Search Missing Persons files.

Provides an international Missing Persons Data base, which includes Indigenous People.

An Emergency Public Notice System, with an Amber Alert forwarding system. 

Track your tips, and add more information to a tip after it has been sent. Additional information can be delivered to the past tip at any time.

At Snap Send Report we support the positive interaction between the community and their Law Enforcement.


12,537 Departments in the system

350,000 + Officers can be activated

246 Countries

Snap Send Report helps people make their communities a safer place to live.