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Terms Of Use

You agree and understand that all information about this site, the apps, and the functions software are the sole intellectual property of the Snap Send Report, and its parent company. All information is copyright by Flag Them LLC. All Right Reserved 2021. Sharing any information for the purpose of data mining, reserve engineering or market competition is expressly forbidden. You agree to cover all costs of recovery if this is violated. The software and the functions of the software are strictly confidential and are created to fight crime, help people and first responders in their work. You agree to keep this company and the products confidential and only share with Law Enforcement, EMS and other forms of First Responder or their management or decision makers.

You understand and agree that once you pick a term limit you are fully responsible for the payment of the full term once the membership has been activated and you have had access to any of the information. You may cancel at any time, but the full cost of the term will still be due and paid to Snap send/Flagthem LLC once information has been accessed.