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By downloading or using the Snap Send Report system, you fully understand and agree that this system was designed to enhance law enforcement and community collaboration, to fight crime and assist first responders. You understand and accept that all information added to this system can be utilized to further this objective. By contributing information, users acknowledge that it may be used to support any crime-fighting efforts and first responders.

By using this system, you are stating that you are of legal age, or under the guidance and have permission from your guardians to use this system and are responsible for your actions. You are agreeing, and giving permission and understand that all information placed in the system will be used to help fight crime and enhance the ability of first responders to perform their duties, the intention is to ensure that the data provided serves the purpose of improving public awareness and safety, Through the efforts of community policing and community participation, law enforcement efforts to improve public safety and supporting first responders effectively.
You agree to the accuracy, relevance, and lawful nature of the information contributed. You except all responsibility for any problems caused in any manner, in any location for misleading or false information submitted by you. Misleading information can have detrimental effects on crime-fighting initiatives and hinder the ability of first responders to fulfill their responsibilities. It is crucial to ensure that the information provided is honest and true to the best of your knowledge. Misinformation or inaccurate data can hinder crime-fighting efforts and lead to negative consequences for you and even your prosecution.
You agree to use this system only for the intended purposes, you agree to not in any way do or help others to do any reverse engineering of this system or software. You agree to pay for all costs of recovery or damage caused by your actions, or your helping, or share intellectual knowledge or operations of the system. By disclosing any of this you understand you are violating legal and ethical standards and will be held responsible for all damage caused by your direct or indirect actions.
A hold harmless agreement, also known as a waiver of liability or an indemnity agreement, is a legal contract between two parties where one party agrees to release the other party from any legal claims, damages, or liabilities that may arise from a specific activity, transaction, or situation. The purpose of a hold harmless agreement is to protect one party from legal claims or liabilities that may result from the actions or inactions of the other party.
By using this system, you agree to a ‘Hold Harmless’ and you agree to hold Flagthem LLC., Snap Send Report, and all Law Enforcement or first responders harmless from any repercussions, damages, or legal liabilities that may arise from their use of the system or the information that was submitted by you. Essentially, it aims to protect the entities involved from legal claims or liabilities resulting from the use of the system and the information provided by you if the information was placed to mislead, cause unlawful harm to others, or knowing false as determined by an ethics committee or Law Enforcement.